Fire Service Recruitment – Requirments of a Fire fighter

By , March 10, 2011 8:59 pm

What Is Required Of A Fire Fighter.

One of the most dangerous, albeit rewarding, careers to practice is the career of Fire Fighter and Rescuer. As a Fire Service Recruitment Trainee, you are expected to show certain characteristics in order to show that you have the ability to do this job. Certain personalities will be perfect for this career while other would just not fit but what traits show you whether you’d be a good candidate and which are not good for this type of career? Below we will explore some of the most important personality traits that a fire fighter trainee will have to practice to become part of the Fire Service.

One of the top priorities of a fire fighter is to treat all people equally and fairly. When a rescue is under way it’s important not to be prejudice or unjust to the victims caught in the fire. Thus this is an important quality to posses for a fire fighter. Regardless of cultural differences in communities, the rescuer is to follow the same rescue to the same standards as he would do for anyone else. Religion and religious believes should also not come into play during a rescue.

The fire fighter trainee should accept all and respect religious believes above all costs and thus will not become prejudice or unjust in his career. For a fire fighter trainee, a human life should be valuable regardless of anything. Open mindedness and respect for all persons is required. The Trainee is required to uphold all the fire fighter’s values and believe and actively put them into practice everywhere they go. They will challenge inappropriate or disrespectful behavior wherever they come into contact with it. They will be honest at all times within their service.

A fire fighter Trainee should show confidence and a cool head during dangerous situations. They should remain in control of themselves at all times in order to be able to actively practice their career choice with outstanding success. During a crisis situation the Trainee or fire fighter should be able to control their own emotions and concentrate on the task at hand. Along with this, a fire fighter trainee should be able to work well with others as well as under pressure. This is by far the one of the most important personality traits. Fire Fighters will often work in teams of 2 to 20 and thus will have to be able to work along to get a crisis situation alleviated.

Good communication skills are vital for a fire fighter trainee. They have to make themselves understood, regardless of the ethnic background of the person they plan to rescue. As well as communicating, fire fighter trainees will need to be able to listen in order to get clear messages from their co-workers.

To get into Fire Recruitment Services all these qualities and more will be needed to ensure that the Fire Recruitment Service has upstanding and well prepared Fire fighter Trainees available for any crisis situation.

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